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Cheap mattress, or expensive? What mattress to buy?

Water and food are the basis of human existence. If without food you can survive for up to a month, without water you will only survive for a few days. However, there is one more, extremely important factor, responsible for our health – sleep. Bad sleeping surface results in many diseases. Sleeping on an uncomfortable bed for a long time causes mainly pains: joints, muscles, headaches from the spine, quite stubborn and difficult to live. The bed affects the human cardiovascular system – pressure on the vessels impairs the free flow of blood. The amount and quality of sleep affects performance at work, attitude to a given day, and, in more serious matters, it affects the immune system. Sleep deprivation reduces immunity and is also a factor increasing the risk of diabetes.

Sleep is essential. During this time the whole body regenerates, so we should take care of a good quality of this kind of rest.

A mattress is usually bought for many years, so it would be advisable to invest in equipment of very good quality, because it pays off with many good things. Materials used for such a quality mattress are usually incomparably better and with proper use and hygiene, the mattress can serve for very long years. In this price range, there are mattresses with pocket springs, point-bending under the weight of a given part of the body, thermoelastic foam with orthopaedic properties and other materials that improve the strength of the mattress and increase the quality of sleep. Nowadays You can easily buy mattresses online.

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