How to arrange a small kitchen in block of flats?

Living in the block of flats, unfortunately, we have quite limited space to develop. Usually the kitchen has the smallest area. That’s why it is very important to have it properly equipped. We suggest how to arrange a small kitchen in the block.

In order to get a functional and comfortable kitchen it is necessary to choose the right furniture and all accessories to emphasize what is good and hide all the drawbacks. If the room is narrow and small, it is worth to choose a minimalistic style, e.g. Scandinavian. Limited colour palette and simple furniture will help to create an impression of order and order. The first step to achieve a satisfying effect is to make a detailed plan. You need to think carefully about the arrangement of furniture and equipment, so that every space will be well developed and used. If the kitchen is open to, for example, a dining room, you also need to take care of the transition between these rooms.

Kitchen open, closed or annex

In a small kitchen in a block of flats, the most popular solution used in the 80s and 90s is to use a separate room for this purpose. Nowadays, however, residents are increasingly deciding to reshuffle the rooms so that the kitchen is open to the living room. Another possibility is a kitchenette. Before the kitchen is equipped, it is worth deciding on the final layout of the rooms. A well thought-out arrangement may allow for additional space.

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